Skull Candles

Unique hand crafted candles made from scented waxes in a variety of designs, colours and textures.

About our unique candles

Full-sized and life-like

All the candles are cast using our secret hand-craft methods, providing a stunning, life-size wax replica of a real human skull.

Multi-coloured and scented designs

Our skulls are made from scented, fragrant waxes in many different colours, marble combinations and designs. Through our hand-craft process no two skulls come out identical, always ensuring yours is unique!

To burn or not to burn

By looking so good in any surrounding, you will be hard pressed to set it alight - with its 8 hour burn time, fragrant aromas and full skull glow it's definitely not just a pretty face!

Some of our amazing skulls




The Ram

How to buy

At a market

We are often out and about at various markets and events across the country. Check out our Facebook page to find out when and where.

Online via Amazon

You can buy some of our skulls on Amazon - check out the links below:

Black Human Skulls

Send us a message

As our stock is changing all the time, often the best bet is to just drop us a quick message/email with the designs and colours your interested in and we will post them out.

Contact Us

Get in touch either via our email address - [email protected] - or via the form below: